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Please Be Advised - The Following May Change Your Mind About a Health Struggle for You or Someone You Love

The following stories are from real people who used to struggle with real health issues. They were told "you're just going to have to live with it" - "wait until it gets worse, then we'll operate" - "there's nothing else that can be done"- etc. Those were all true statements.

Until they discovered upper cervical care at Gibson Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Called "one of the best kept secrets" in health care, you're invited to read about some of the big changes experienced by those who try this little known technique.

Why the big changes? When the body can operate free from nerve system interference, brainstem pressure, or neurological and biomechanical compromise, then a new opportunity for self-healing is possible.

So, what will your story be?

Real Upper Cervical Stories, Real People, Real Health Issues

Are you interested in working with Dr. Andy Gibson? Read some of the patient reports below

Anxiety lifts – I was going to regular chiropractor for years

C.W. -- Age 34 (Female)

For the past 20 years, I’ve suffered with anxiety. I usually take 2 Xanax each day just to make it through. The day after my 1st UC correction, I just felt calm. I am Xanax-free! There was an immediate change. I think I should also let you know I’ve been going to ‘regular’ chiropractors for years. THIS is DIFFERENT!

Neck fused, still in pain, but then something unexpected happened

Joyce R. -- Age 59

I’ve been coming to see Dr. Gibson for 18 months now.  I never would have believed it, but my fused neck (C5-C6-C7) is actually getting straight!  My neck was fused more than 15 years ago and it was actually fused crooked.  My pain never quit.  It took some time, but even fused vertebra can move!  My pain level is down from a 10 to a 2 and I am now able to to do more than I ever could before.  Thanks Dr. Andy!

Pregnant woman with hip pain, heart burn, and ankylosing spondylitis

Heather R. -- Age 34

I haven’t felt this good since I was in high school. After my first correction, the hip pain was totally gone and the heartburn I was having for weeks totally disappeared overnight!  I’m shocked that more people don’t know about Upper Cervical Care.  Oh. . . one more thing. . . it’s totally safe for pregnant women.


MS patient was walking with cane after low back fusion

Kathy C. -- Age 60

I’ve walked with a cane for the past 4 years due to my condition. My back was fused from a low back surgery and my ankles are swollen. My right leg is wasting away. 40 minutes after my first Upper Cervical Correction, I no longer needed my cane! It’s a miracle.

Help after lightening strike

Becki S. -- Age 30

Last summer (2008), I was struck by lightning and have since tried everything except surgery to get my life back.  After my very first adjustment, every thing changed!  I slept for the first time in months, my neck no longer was pulling and the tingling sensations ALL disappeared!  Upper Cervical Care has given me my life back.  Thank you Dr. Andy!


Facing neck surgery, with chronic pain and migraines

John T. -- Age 61

I spent 4 years in Vietnam and had an RPG blow up next to my head. For the last 35 years, I have lived everyday with headaches, nausea and total body pain. I could only stand up for 30 minutes and then have to lay down for 3 hrs again. I found Dr. Andy 2 weeks before my neck surgery date. I can’t thank you enough. I can eat, sleep, and play again. I was going to sell my Harley and we just bought a new one. I’m amazed how one little bone out of place can have such a huge impact on health. Every person needs to be checked.

2 year old with mal-absorption – mystery GI disorder

A Report from Kimberly A. (Mom)

My son has had serious digestion issues and mal-absorption since birth. He recently spent 10 days in a state-of-the-art children’s hospital with wonderful/qualified doctors that had no answers after countless tests. Dr. Gibson spent one hour with my son, and we’ve seen immediate results! We’ve seen instant changes that we could never have imagined so quickly. I can’t express my gratitude.

30 years of migraines

Michelle C. -- Age 42

As a 12 yr old girl, I got my first migraine and they never quit until this past year. I was taking every drug and nasal inhaler you can imagine. No drug ever worked for me. Dr. Gibson adjusted my atlas and I haven’t had a migraine now for 8 months. I’m now back to work full time and my life is finally back! I no longer live under the fear of when the next one headache will hit. Just go see him. I can’t believe I waited this long!

Extreme low back pain

Ron R. -- Age 57

Last night, I was admitted to the hospital with terrible low back pain. Today, I walked in with a cane. I was x-rayed, adjusted and rested for 45 minutes. I walked out with no assistance and no cane for support. Dr. Gibson told me the problem was in my neck. Even though my lower back was hurting and my neck felt fine, I trusted him. I am absolutely blown away! Thank you Dr. Gibson!

Help with heartburn and headaches

Pam G. -- Age 61

Daily heartburn was the “normal” for me prior to having my atlas adjusted.  Every two weeks I would get tension headaches, too.  Now, I no longer have to take heartburn pills, the headaches have decreased substantially and I even sleep better!

8 year old girl with ear infections and nosebleeds

A Report from Kim (Mom)

For the last 7 years, we have battled ear infections, nosebleeds, constipation and sleeplessness.  In two weeks K. is a different little girl.  She eats everything, she is going to the bathroom now and her nosebleeds are a thing of the past.  As for the ear infections, none. What Dr. Andy offers should be at the top of every parents list for their kids healthcare.

End of debilitating facial pain for mom of young children

Tammy L. -- Age 39

I used to suffer with paralyzing facial pain that consumed my thoughts and limited everyday activities/responsibilities. Even smiling to enjoy my children was painful. Since starting Upper Cervical care, I am able to brush my teeth, comb my hair and laugh without pain! Thank you Dr. Gibson for helping me to be mom again…and free from the pain of the ‘suicide disease.’

What Makes Dr. Gibson Different?

How Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care improves your life

Helping you enjoy life

Decreased pain. Improved motion. Less tension. More energy. Better quality of sleep. Improved focus. And better coordination and balance. A majority of the people who come through the door experience positive changes in two or more of these areas. It's not just about your pain. It's about you enjoying a better quality of life.

Focusing on what matters

Not all areas of your spine are built the same way. Why not focus on the area that offers the most positive changes in the shortest time possible? There are many gifted chiropractors, but we believe our approach offers the greatest return on your investment. And that means a greater chance at your happiness.

Working with precision

Your spine and nervous system deserve precision - not guess work. You are not built the exact same way as your neighbor. Or even the members of your family. We start our exam from day 1 recognizing you're unique and your problem requires a solution that's custom built for you.

What Can I Expect?

Your first two visits at our upper cervical chiropractic clinic

Day 1 is about you

Day 1 is about you

Your first day's visit starts with a consultation with the doctor. If you're a good fit for this care, it continues with a thorough health history and complete exam. Digital paraspinal thermography, range-of-motion, posture analysis, neurologic and orthopaedic testing, and precision upper cervical x-rays (images of head and neck) are all part of the exam. (Don't worry if you don't understand what these terms mean yet.)

Day 2 is about your correction

Day 2 is about your correction

Analysis of the x-rays and your exam results allows the doctor to create a correction unique to you. So, at your second visit the doctor will explain what is wrong with your alignment and recommend a custom course of care. You will also receive your first upper cervical specific correction followed by a quiet, relaxing rest period. Resting after a correction allows the spine and body to accommodate to the new position and begin the healing process.

And then the healing begins

And then the healing begins

Your care continues based on your individual response to your correction. The doctor has a number of objective measurements to take at each visit to see how you are responding, and if you're holding your alignment. Some people respond quickly, and others take longer. Holding your new alignment as long as possible is the goal. That's when the best healing happens.

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